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Low Dose Ketamine Infusion for treatment resistant depression has had successful results in approximately
70% of all patients treated. Be assured, that your well-being will be monitored professionally and with confidence.
Each Ketamine infusion is customized to meet your individual need.

Your safety is our primary concern. Ketamine is a medication that should be administered only by clinicians
who are trained with its use. Blood pressure, heart rhythm and oxygen saturation will be monitored
throughout all treatments. Infusion rates will be monitored by personnel with over thirty years experience in the administration of Ketamine. The key being maximal results with minimal side effects.
It is important to maintain your current medication regime. Ongoing progress reports and future regimes will be discussed with your primary care physician or psychiatrist on a regular basis.
Make an appointment for a consultation to see if you are a candidate who may benefit from the effects of low dose
Ketamine infusions for treatment resistant depression.

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